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Of wool, cotton or flax can be spun a thread, you can do it with a drop spindle or a spinning wheel.
With handcards or a drumcarder you can comb the woolen fibers in the same direction as it will pull out some dirt. So, spinning will be easier.

With a skeinwinder you can make strands of spun yarn, with an umbrella swift you can unwind strands. With a ball winder you can make balls of spun yarn.

spinning wheel Louët 3 bobbins included

s17 - unlacquered, assembly kit   € 382.00
s17 - unlacquered, assembled   see photo€ 392.00
s10 concept spinning wheel   see info€ 593.00
additional bobbin€ 28.00
skeinwinder lacquered   see photo€ 170.00
bobbin bulky (width: 125 mm) ∅    see photo€ 37.00
flyer bulky (wide flyer for Bulky bobbins)    see photo€ 74.00
drive belt   see photo (nr 1)€ 17.00
PU treadle connector   see photo (nr 2)€ 11.00
excentercup   see photo (nr 3)€ 12.00
bobbin bearing   see photo (nr 4)€ 1.50
flyer brake   see photo (nr 5)€ 12.00

drop spindle beech   see photo € 10.00
ball winder   see photo€ 49.00
skeinwinder with table clamp, lacquered   see photo€ 60.00
umbrella swift circumference maximum 150 cm   see photo € 65.00