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To celebrate the fourtieth anniversary, Louët has transformed the spinning wheel it all started with: the S10. The S10 Concept spinning wheel takes a modular approach, so you can decide what your favorite wheel configuration is.
  • Base: 1 or 2 treadles.
  • Wheel: the classic S10 wheel, the Julia wheel with three spokes or the new five-spoke wheel.
  • Mother of all: Irish or Scotch tension (bobbin- or flyer lead).
  • Various flyers: standard with hooks or sliding guides, art yarn, bulky or high speed.
  • Various bobbins: standard, high speed, high speed fat core or bulky/art yarn.
  • Twine rack, twine block and -rack or none at all.

spinning wheel wiel classic spinning wheel classic, 2 treadles
spinning wheel three spokes spinning wheel three spokes, 2 treadles

Components for Louët S10C
bobbin standaard€ 28.00
bobbin bulky€ 37.00
flyer regular with hooks€ 69.00
flyer bulky with hooks€ 74.00
flyer art yarn€ 110.00
twine rack for 2 bobbins€ 21.00
block for twine rack€ 36.00

Complete spinning wheel Louët S10 concept, 3 bobbins included
spinning wheel classic wheel, 1 treadle€ 593.00
spinning wheel classic wheel, 2 treadles€ 712.00
spinning wheel 3 spokes wheel, 1 treadle€ 601.00
spinning wheel 3 spokes wheel, 2 treadles€ 728.00