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unscrew the bolts also a longer reed can be used
unscrew the bolts and
turn the beater in vertical position
also a longer reed can be used
when the castle (with the harnesses) is folded:
unscrew the bolts with hex key 4 mm
move the castle in place and fasten with 4 bolts
the parts of the floor stand
the loom can be fixed with 2 hooks
assemble the floor stand with the hex key number 4
and a flat key nr 10
On the left side you can turn the little front lath, to pick out a harness.
Beat with a little hammer the wooden end of the shaft, pull off the rope and put heddles on it.
If the tie-up cords need to be connected:
pull the cord of the front harness through the left hole with a hook, then from left to right
through the hole of the lever, and pull the loop around the lever. Continue with the other harnesses.
With the even levers, insert the cord through the hole from right to left.
To fold up the loom: unscrew the bolts of the beater and turn the
beater in horizontal position. Also unscrew the bolts of the castle,
and fix it in the other position with 2 bolts.