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This loom with 4, 8, 12 or 16 harnesses is very suitable for weaving samples. You can put it on the table or you can use a floor stand, it can have a second warp beam.

The breast beam is 13 cm above table height when you put the loom on the table. When you use the floor stand, you can weave comfortable with a chair of ordinary height.
The loom is equipped with a beater that slides along two metal rods. In this way the reed is always vertical and beating goes in the best way.
The beater's gliding system is equipped with ball bearings.

You can use Texsolv heddles of 20,5 cm or metal heddles of 24 cm. With the levers (in front of the loom), you can obtain a perfect, progressive shed: i.e. the harnesses at the back rises higher than those on front, so in front of the reed the rising warp threads are in the same plane.
With the 16-shaft loom, the levers at the front are lighter because of the limited space.

The loom is foldable, the castle with harnesses is fixed with 4 star knobs.
At the back you can mount a second warpbeam.
Warpbeam and clothbeam are equipped with metal ratchet wheels.

How to use the sample loom?

sample loom on stand sample loom folded
unit with 12 harnesses harnesses with metalheddles
rachet wheel in metal, ball bearings, star knobs a longer reed is possible
second warpbeam simple raddle
16 shaft loom the loom folded

Prices 2024 in Euro

Sample loom 40 cm, including cross sticks, 2 metal warp rods and cords to tie them

sample loom with 4 harnesses 485.00
sample loom with 8 harnesses 560.00
sample loom with 12 harnesses 640.00
sample loom with 16 harnesses 740.00


polyester heddles (texsolv), per 100 pieces 15.50
metal heddles 24 cm, per 100 pieces 17.00
stainless reed 40 cm, 3 teeth/cm 32.00
stainless reed 40 cm, 4 teeth/cm 32.00
stainless reed 40 cm, 5 teeth/cm 32.00
stainless reed 40 cm, 6 teeth/cm 32.00
flat shuttle 30 cm 6.00
flat shuttle 40 cm 6.00
simple raddle 40 cm 30.00
floor stand for sample loom
breast beam is 75 cm above the floor
second warp beam 90.00


sample loom 8 harnesses, 300 texsolv heddles, stainless reed no 4, raddle 668.00
sample loom 8 harnesses, 400 metal heddles, stainless reed no 4 and 6, raddle, second warpbeam, floorstand 947.00
sample loom 12 harnesses, 500 texsolv heddles, stainless reed no 4, raddle 779.00

second warpbeam simple raddle harnesses with metal heddles