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All parts unpacked. Place the treadles under the loom. Insert the bolts into the
holes in the front legs on both sides.
Place the beater in the holes (in the center of the bottom runners)
between both sides of the frame.
Screw locknuts onto the bolts of the beater and of the bar
with treadles.
Not fully tightened, they should be able to rotate
Put the warp beam in place
Do the same with the cloth beam at the front.
Screw on the backbeam at the back. Screw on the breastbeam at the front.
Put the ratchet wheels in place. Screw the handles onto the cloth and warpbeam.
At the top comes the block with the levers and shafts.
The long plank comes at the front.
Screw it in with 3 screws on both sides.
Place the part with lams in the loom.
Make sure that the lams remain between the iron bars.
Screw the cross bar on both sides with 2 screws.
The bottom wood of the bars is also screwed on both sides.
Hook the loops, who are in the middle of the lams,
on the hooks of the shafts.
To do the tie-up, it is recommended to relax the springs of
the levers, so the shafts are in the bottom position.
Do the tie-up with Texsolv rope and straight pegs.
The treadles should be almost to the ground
in the bottom position of the shafts.
When the treadles are connected, you can tension the springs again.
You can adjust if necessary by moving the pegs.
On both sides of the loom there is an oblique connection,
which prevents folding.
You have to unscrew the connection at the bottom to get it loom
fold. The bar with the treadles should be raised a little.
When unfolded, push back the beater slightly.