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This loom works with treadles, you can have a nice shed, you can beat firmly with a strong warp tension.
There is a model with 4 harnesses counterbalance and 4 treadles. The harnesses always move horizontally and the treadling is easy. You can weave with a fixed tie-up.
There is a new model with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles. The harnesses are hold up by springs, the harnesses always move horizontally, keeping the harnesses down requires little effort. This loom will usually require a multiple tie-up between treadles and lams.

Clothbeam and warpbeam are equipped with metal ratchet wheels, so a strong tension can be put on the warp threads. The clothbeam is at the front of the weaver, so it cannot get in the way of the knees.
The clothbeam is 80 cm from the ground, you need a higher chair or weaving bench to work on it.
A shelf can be placed on top of the clothbeam on which you can store all kinds of weaving material (shuttles, yarn, scissors ...).

The outside measurements: 90 cm width, 93 cm depth, 124 cm height (8 harnesses: 101 cm dept and 128 cm height).
The loom can be folded, it is 90 cm wide x 41 cm deep x 140 cm high (8 harnesses: 44 cm dept).

To ship the loom, it must be disassembled.
Mounting instructions for the 4-shaft loom  photos
Mounting instructions for the 8-shaft loom  photos

During entering warp threads, the harnesses are kept stable with a shaft holder left and right.
At the top they are attached to the roller. Those holders must be removed while weaving.

'Foldable loom' 70 cm, including cross sticks, 2 metal warp rods and cords to tie them (price in Euro 2024)

foldable loom with 4 harnesses 875.00
foldable loom with 8 harnesses 1150.00
foldable loom with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles loom with 8 harnesses, folded
the treadles and lamsshelf for protection and material


polyester heddles (texsolv), per 100 stuks 16.00
stainless reed 70 cm, 3 teeth/cm 50.00
stainless reed 70 cm, 4 teeth/cm 50.00
stainless reed 70 cm, 5 teeth/cm 50.00
stainless reed 70 cm, 6 teeth/cm 50.00
flat shuttle 50 cm 7.00
flat shuttle 70 cm 7.50
raddle 70 cm waxed 75.00
shelf 30.00
bench 50 cm, beechwood, adjustable in height 185.00


'foldable loom' 4 harnesses, 300 heddles texsolv, stainless reed n°4 973.00
'foldable loom' 8 harnesses, 400 heddles texsolv, stainless reed n°4 1264.00
'foldable loom' 8 harnesses, 400 heddles texsolv, stainless reed n°4 and n°6
raddle 70 cm, bench 50 cm, boat shuttle, bobbin winder