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The first thing you have to do when you want to weave, is making the warp.
The warp is the set of lengthwise yarns that are held in tension on a frame or loom.
This set is made on a frame with wooden pegs, called warping frame.
Using 2 warping posts, fasten on table with clamps, you can make a short warp.
For a very long warp, or with lots of fine threads, you can think of a warping mill.
If you do not thread by thread, but will warp several threads at once, you may require a bobbin rack , bobbins and paddle.
The second step you have to do, is winding up the warp on the warp beam of the loom. To spread uniform the warp threads on the warp beam, we use a raddle.

warping frame warping mill
warping post
warping frame meta (beech) - max 10.5 m warp
measurements 1.04 m x 1.04 m, easily dismantled
€ 77.00
warping post with 3 pegs € 14.00
warping mill meta - circumference 3 m
measurements 0.8 m x 0.8 m x 1.9 m
€ 350.00

bobbin rack meta
bobbin rack meta
paddle yarn cone
bobbin rack
bobbin rack

bobbin rack meta for 36 bobbins
measurements 0.91 m x 0.50 m x 0.82 m hoog
also suitable for conical bobbins
net sales price€ 140.00
width thread guide€ 28.00
bottom and vertical bars€ 42.00
warping frame attachment€ 23.00
total sales price€ 233.00
bobbin rack for 32 bobbins
measurements 0.83 m x 0.44 m x 0.97 m
with thread guide€ 190.00
without thread guide€ 135.00
bobbin rack for 24 bobbins
measurements 0.64 m x 0.44 m x 0.97 m
with thread guide€ 145.00
without thread guide€ 105.00
bobbin rack for 16 bobbins
measurements 0.47 m x 0.44 m x 0.97 m
with thread guide€ 125.00
without thread guide€ 95.00
wooden bobbin wooden bobbin 10 cm long
8 cm diameter
€ 6.00
paddle paddle with 16 holes
to guide the warp threads by hand
€ 15.00
raddle raddle waxed beech , metal cramps each cm
yellow cramp each 10 cm
40 cm weaving width€ 32.00
60 cm weaving width€ 44.00
70 cm weaving width€ 50.00
80 cm weaving width€ 56.00
90 cm weaving width€ 62.00
100 cm weaving width€ 69.00
120 cm weaving width€ 83.00
150 cm weaving width€ 104.00
160 cm weaving width€ 111.00
180 cm weaving width€ 125.00