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There is available: cord of flax or nylon to tie up looms, as well the special Texsolv linked-loop cord and pegs, which make this work easier.

rope of flax  photo (no1) 1.5 mm, by 200 gr (110m)€ 2.80
2.5 mm, by 500 gr (135m)
braided nylon rope   photo (no2) 1 mm, by 100 gr (70m)€ 3.50
1.5 mm, by 200 gr (130m)€ 8.00
2 mm, by 100 m€ 9.00
2.5 mm, by 100 m€ 10.00
tie-up cord Texsolv
polyester linked-loop cord
strong, easy to use and to adjust
by m  photo (no3)€ 1.00
straight pegs, by piece  photo (no4)€ 0.45
anchor pegs, by piece  photo (no5)€ 0.45